At LITENET we are a pure lighting establishment, which combines architectural and commercial lighting to bring you an unparalleled quality in personalised lighting solutions. Our commitment is to provide a seamless lighting solution that shapes the identity of your living space.

LITENET combines the experience of lighting designers, sales engineers and product managers, who are essential in delivering an engineered lighting solution to suit today’s changing world. Our professional team embody the true spirit of the technology in the commercial and architectural lighting space.

The directors of LITENET have combined over 30 years of experience in the Australian lighting and manufacturing industry, which enables us to express our passion through custom lighting solutions that meet requirements in terms of ergonomics and economic efficiency.

As an innovative organisation, LITENET supplies in an extensive range of premium luminaries to various professional lighting application areas:

  • Offices and Media

  • Education and Science

  • Hotel and Hospitality

  • Art and Retail

  • Health care and Age care

  • Outdoor and Architecture

As an organisation LITENET have developed a strong portfolio of clients in the commercial lighting industry, our mission is to create an innovative lighting solution in the commercial space.